Standard Grade
Coarse Grades
Coloured Grades
Sodium Chloride

> Standard grade

The standard grade produced by MSM is well suited for the different consuming sectors of sodium sulphate: manufacturers of detergent, glass, paper pulp, Kraft pulp, textile coloration processes, industrial dyes, feed grade , enzyme production, etc...

Na-N    Na-F

> Coarse grades

MSM is a pioneer and market leader in sodium sulphate with high particle size. We offer different types of grades, being the average particle size the main difference between them. They all present a very narrow particle size distributions and therefore very uniform particles.

Na-G10    Na-G3.ED2    Na-G3.EE    Na-G3    Na-G2    Na-G1    Na-G0

> Coloured grades

MSM currently has 5 different types of coloured sodium sulphate, offering the following colours: blue, orange, pink, green and red. Not having discarded additional colours in the future. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Na-G Azul    Na-G Naranja    Na-G Rosa    Na-G Rosa Carmín    Na-G Verde    Na-G Rojo

> Custom-made

MSM makes continuous investments in R&D, which facilitates the development of new products custom-made to cover the needs of sodium sulphate end-users. Thanks to this improvement and innovation potential, we offer products with high added value, widely appreciated by our consumers. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

> Sodium Chloride

MSM produces sodium chloride in different concentrations, specialized in the feed industry.

S-85    S-98